Nasir Ahmad

Principal Broker At Iwillgetumortgage Services Ltd


Nasir Ahmad is a prominent figure within the Mortgage Industry. Prior to his involvement in this field, he had a background in the telecommunications industry, which started in 2004, amassing a decade of valuable experience.

His transition into the mortgage industry in 2014 has proven to be a highly advantageous and well-considered decision. He acquired invaluable expertise in customer service and successfully applied his insights to his current business endeavors.

Prior to assuming the role of Principal Broker in February 2021, as a Mortgage Agent/Broker
and Senior Managing Director at a brokerage, Nasir oversaw a team of up to 60 Mortgage
Agents, demonstrating his leadership capabilities.

Recognition & Awards

In 2016, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and achieved remarkable recognition after starting career as Mortgage Agent on fulltime bases. He not only earned the esteemed title of "Top Recruiter of the Year 2016" for his exceptional contributions to recruiting and advancing brokerage excellence but he also received the Gold Performance Award for achieving the third-highest volume production in funded deals in 2016.

Following his remarkable achievements in 2016, he continued to excel in 2017. He was honored with the prestigious Platinum Performance Award for achieving the second-highest volume production in that year. Additionally, he was recognized with the SMD Champion Club Award for achieving the highest team volume production, showcasing his exceptional leadership and performance in the industry. Winning performance continued in 2018.

In 2019, Nasir achieved his broker's license and his track record of excellence continued to shine. He was once again named "Top Recruiter of the Year" for his exceptional contributions to recruiting and promoting brokerage excellence. Additionally, in the same year, he earned the prestigious Platinum Performance Award for achieving the second-highest volume production, further solidifying his standing as a top performer in the industry.

He reached new heights in his career in 2020, earning the esteemed Diamond Performance Award for achieving the highest volume production. This recognition highlights his exceptional dedication and outstanding accomplishments in the industry during that year.

Nasir Ahmad's success story continues as he efficiently manages his own brokerage and fulfills his role as a principal broker. His noteworthy accomplishment of receiving the Bronze Awards at The Mortgage Centre in both 2021, 2022 and now in 2023 reflects his sustained excellence and significant contributions to the mortgage industry during these 3 years.

Nasir, in 2023, expanded his brokerage by acquiring brokerage licenses in the province of Alberta and British Columbia.

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