Halal Homeownership Options

We offer Halal Homeownership options which allow you to build equity immediately while enjoying the freedom and benefits of owning a home even before you have the funds to purchase.

Types Of Halal Homeownership Options

Murabaha Option (Cost Plus)

A Murabaha option (also referred to as ‘cost plus’ financing) is where investor buys the house and determines a purchase price at a higher rate. In practice, the amount you pay for a long-term Murabaha option ends up being almost equal to what you would pay for a traditional mortgage within the same term length. Every payment or “installment” goes directly against your principal – allowing you to join our Rent to Home Solution comfortably. The Murabaha option is an important part of the Islamic finance industry and provides Halal homeownership options for those who wish to remain compliant with Sharia law by making a fixed monthly payment.

Musharaka Option (Sharing)

With Musharaka option, we enter into a partnership as the house owners while you gradually earn our shares in the property. You get to move in right away when the contract begins, making a Musharaka option quite similar to our standard Rent to Home agreement. You make a single fixed monthly payment.

Qualifying for a Halal Homeownership Option

Qualifying for a Halal Homeownership Option in Canada involves meeting similar requirements set in traditional Rent to Home Solution. Before being approved, we’ll look at:


  • The borrower’s income
  • The borrower’s credit history
  • 20-25% down payment

    When you’re approved and you’ve found that perfect house, you’ll begin making fixed monthly payments, and you’ll be on your way to homeownership.

What to know about Halal Mortgages in Canada

Shariah Compliance

Halal mortgages in Canada are structured to comply with Islamic finance principles, meaning they don’t gain interest.

Ownership Structure

The most common ownership structure in a Halal mortgage is the Musharaka model. In this model, the lender will purchase the property and the buyer pays a fixed monthly payment.

Understanding Halal Mortgages

Halal mortgages in Canada offer a Shariah-compliant way to achieve your dream of homeownership.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Halal Homeownership Options

What are the benefits of choosing a Halal Homeownership Option in Canada?

Choosing a Halal homeownership option in Canada offers several benefits for individuals who wish to adhere to Islamic principles in their financial transactions. Firstly, we ensure that the process is structured in a way that is compliant with Shariah law, which prohibits the payment or receipt of interest. This allows individuals to finance their homes without compromising their religious beliefs.

How do Halal homeownership options differ from conventional mortgages in Canada?

The Halal homeownership process can differ from getting a conventional mortgage in Canada, primarily in that they do not involve the payment or receipt of interest. Instead, they operate on the basis of a partnership or joint ownership between the lender and the borrower with fixed monthly payments.

Is it permissible in Islamic law to enter into a rent-to-own agreement?
Yes! As long as interest is not being charged on the loan

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