Chaudhry Waleed Aamer

Mortgage Agent

Location Mississauga
License M22002286
Phone 647-985-4458
Fax 1-855-226-2178


Chaudhry Waleed Aamer

Mortgage Professional That Cares!



I am a Finance student who is just starting as a mortgage agent. With the ability to efficiently achieve accuracy when accomplishing tasks and with my excellent listening skills, I would be able to understand my client’s needs more appropriately. Significant experience in hospitality services has helped me develop problem-solving skills, patience, and an “always positive” attitude. Growing up in a bilingual family has allowed me to communicate in several languages such as English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. Despite not having much experience as a mortgage agent, I understand that it takes dedication, commitment, and communication to satisfy your clients.

Professional Experience

I have worked in the financial industry for many years and what makes me successful is I pay attention to detail, have good listening skills and great empathy are symbols of appreciation by my clients. I am effectively supported by a team of administrators who truly believes in fast and efficient service. This teamwork and professionalism helps me build long-term relationships with my growing client base and provide excellent customer service.


In my free time, I read up on mortgages and housing news from across Canada to better serve my clients. I also like to stay active with regular gym, recreational soccer, and tennis.

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